Your guide to the best affordable women’s watches

A quality timepiece is every person’s tool for convenience and aesthetics. Bare wrists are boring, and in today’s fast-paced world everyone is pressed for time. Hence, having a watch to adorn ourselves with and give us a time check whenever we need it is an indispensable convenience.

For women, watches provide another avenue for fashion. It seems that women have more liberty when it comes to how their watches can look or however they want to style them.

Why women’s watches will never go out of style

Watches work wonders in elevating a simple outfit. You can wear a simple tee-jeans combination, but you are instantly going to look chic the moment you slap a watch on your wrist.

Not only that: watches have been around a long time, and for some it is more than just a fashion item. Antique and timeless timepieces have been passed around as a family heirloom for generations, and some are given as important gifts and keepsakes to friends and loved ones. 

The value of watches comes in many forms, be it aesthetic, sentimental, health, or as a status symbol. We have outlined reasons why women’s watches will never go out of style: 

  • Convenience

It’s very handy to have a watch where you can see it when you’re on a boring date, waiting for a delivery, or wanting to get out of the conference room for another appointment. It is very anxiety-friendly, and it helps you multi-task and plan your day accordingly.

  • Personal style

A tasteful watch can save even the most unfortunate outfits, and it can help you look more put-together. Whether it’s for school, work, or soirees, the right watch can stitch your look together and give your style the necessary boost. 

  • First impressions

More often than not, watches are used to announce some facts about yourself. High-end, designer timepieces give people a clue about your social status, and quirky watches tell others about your own quirky self. In addition, a watch in of itself is an obvious indicator of your time consciousness which make you seem reliable and mindful of yours and others’ time. They are no doubt valuable in making personal statements.

Women's Watch Collections under $50

Finding a good watch does not need one breaking the bank. There are many affordable ones that look like luxury and are great in complementing anybody’s personal style.

Daisy Jane has a collection of women’s watches that are excellent fashion finds and come in budget-friendly price tags. 

Simple Leather Band Analog Wrist Watch

Regular price: $11.76

This watch can blend in easily with any outfit with its white leather band and black alloy dial case with a 3.5cm diameter. Its neutral colors make it a fashionable yet inconspicuous choice.

White Case Leather Strap Bracelet

Regular price: $11.00

This piece takes after the iconic design of white dial cases and black leather bands. It is an instant classic item that is perfect for business and casual fashion. This clean and elegant accessory will go with your jeans or sultry black dress.

Fashion Luxury Piano Music Pattern Watch

Regular price: $15.20
This item is for those days when you’re in the mood to show some personality. With its bright red leather band and a dial case painted with piano keys and a huge G-clef, you are sure to catch attention and send an obvious message to anyone looking with this watch. We get it: you’re into music!

Braided Fashion Wrist Watch

Regular price: $10.38

This watch is perfect for Boho-inspired outfits and casual night-outs with the girl friends. It has a very feminine design accented with earth colors and multiple wristbands that look cute and elegant at the same time.

Vintage Bracelet Quartz Watch

Regular price: $37.90

This vintage bracelet watch is a great finishing touch to your dainty or preppy look. It has multiple thin white straps accented with gold metallic colors that will add some sparkle on your outfit.

Fashion Mesh Belt Analog Wrist Watch

Regular price: $24.00

Silver is a great color on any skin color, so you will hardly go wrong with silver accessories. This classy silver mesh watch has a hook buckle that you can quickly and comfortably strap on your wrist on the get-go.

Stainless Steel Casual Wrist Watch

Regular price: $25.00

Rose gold is a fashion trend, and many women like this color for its sophistication and elegant hue. This timepiece with its low-profile dial will make you look refined and fashionable at the same time.

Leather Bracelet Diamond Circle Watch

Regular price: $22.00

Another multi-thin strap timepiece from Daisy Jane. This stunning rose gold watch is accented with three ornamented crystals that add a discreet feminine bling to your look. 

Vintage Weave Wrap Quartz Wrist Watch

Regular price: $30.00

Pearls are a girl’s best friend, and when paired with multiple crystals, they make for a conspicuously chic accessory. This watch is filled with pearls, a lot of stones, and gold trimmings that will go perfectly with metallic outfits for a night at the club.

Casual Bracelet Watch for Woman

Regular price: $10.00

This timepiece is a marriage between corporate and personal style. It has a crystal-studded dial with roman numerals for digits and is made of rose gold stainless steel that lets people know you mean business and fun at the same time.